Chapter 3: Asmodean – A strange day

Chapter 3

I got a glimpse of some kind of light ahead of us, just visible through the thick rows of trees. Whatever it was, I immediately felt how that light would mean safety. How I came to know that was something I was not aware of. It seemed to be more than just light. There was something fair and beautiful radiating from it and the closer we approached, the more I could feel it. It appeared like a powerful wave of love, strength and energy washing over me. It was the same to Thomas, the fear and desperation on his face seemed to have disappeared. He even started to smile, which seemed odd and out of place on a face that looked like an exhausted cheeseburger. But we were not there yet and the things were approaching.

I turned my head to see one of them breaking through the trees, about 100 metres behind us. I almost tripped and fell when I caught sight of this monstrosity. It was tall, like 3 metres at least. It had fur all over its body, like some kind of huge bear. But where the bear has a face with a lot of beauty to it, there was no beauty at all in this thing. Its face had eyes that looked as if they were somehow sunk too deep in their sockets, so its eyeballs seemed to be in a strange position. The nose was like an animal’s snout, whereas the rest of its face looked almost human, where it not for the flashing, long teeth that lined it’s huge mouth. Its ‘hands’ had dark fingers and long claws, and the legs were those of an ape. It did not actually run, but jump from tree to tree wherever possible, running on the ground whenever necessary. Its long claws ripping into the bark of the trunks when it made a jump. Its moves were graceful, quick and deadly.

An entity from another world, where humans could not survive for a single hour. I turned my head and the panic that rushed through my mind and body gave wings to my legs. We kept on pacing towards the light, like sprinters would run towards the finishing line. The sounds of more of those creatures resounded through the night and I was not sure we would make it. I saw that the light came from a clearing inside the forest. Whereas everything around that place seemed to be in total darkness, there was bright daylight in an area the size of a football field. Suddenly I could smell them behind me. Emitting a vile reek, like a toilet full of puke and shit that has not seen any cleaning in a year. It was so disgusting that it even made my stomach churn while I was running for my life.

Suddenly one of them appeared right next to us, its dark eyes focused on us while it leaped from tree to tree. It prepared to strike. Its hungry eyes giving off its desire to kill. Its assault came down on us. Just when I realised we were doomed and a scream was forming on my mouth, we crossed some invisible line. The monstrosity was caught in mid-jump, like a bird hitting a window. It dropped from the air like a stone, hit the ground and screamed in fury and pain. We fell to the ground, panting heavily, and suddenly there was silence…

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